Last updated Tue, Aug 9, 2022



I've had a portfolio for some years, I originally created it to get some experience with static generator tools, namely Gatsby. As it evolved I've found it useful as a space that I can document the side projects I've worked on, as well as various “blog” style posts about technologies I've learnt.

A while back I started learning Next.js and found that filled the static site generator space very well, so I went ahead and rebuilt my portfolio using it. I found the experience was fun and allowed me to make more custom, explorative pages than what Gatsby allowed.

Recently I've also been reading into information architecture and personal knowledge management and wanted to introduce some of those ideas within my portfolio, as a way of capturing things I've learnt and serve as reference for material I can review in the future to get back up to speed quickly. This also feeds into the “digital garden” mindset too.

For styling, I decided to try Tailwind as the styling solution. After doing a proof-of-concept to evaluate it, I found it ticked all of the boxes I wanted in a styling system. I found it provides good flexibility without impacting the consistency or maintainability of the styling.